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    OOO French Trade House -
is an official representative of the leading French, German, Austrian, Italian, Czech and Polish manufacturers of aerosols, aerosol equipment, machines and aerosol component parts in the territory of Russia and CIS countries.

    Aerosol equipment, machines and component parts supplied to many regions of Russia by OOO French Trade House, have proved their advantages in practice and showed technology perfection, high quality and operating reliability. In connection with continuously increasing demand for aerosol products of high quality in Russia,         OOO French Trade House permanently extends the range of the products supplied.
      Aerosol equipment, machines and component parts supplied by our company, answer all quality and productivity requirements and correspond to ISO 9002   standards, in consequence of which they satisfy needs of both large and small aerosol manufacturers of Russia.

    In accordance with its consumers inquiries OOO French Trade House carries out aerosol technology consultations, equipment commissioning and starting-up and provides guarantee maintenance and post-warranty service.   

    OOO French Trade House has representative offices in France (Paris) and Austria (Vienna) and owing to this can provide its clients with service of higher quality.
We invite those who are interested in aerosol industry to start their own aerosol business, and those who have already started it - to expand production opportunities of their business. 



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